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Nazwa Poecilotheria vittata nie podlega już synonimu Poecilotheria striata

Natomiast Poecilotheria pederseni mogą i (powinny?) być teraz nazywane Poecilotheria vittata

Jak by tego było mało to Poecilotheria uniformis to nic innego jak Poecilotheria subfusca a Poecilotheria pococki to inaczej Poecilotheria smithi.

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"The Tarantula Bibliography : October 2013 release

My Tarantula Bibliography has been updated. At present the family Theraphosidae is comprised of 939 species in 125 genera.

Major changes include: Poecilotheria revision.

Thanks to Ray Gabriel for sending me an advance PDF of the paper just published in the British Tarantula Society Journal. This new paper by my friends Ray, Richard Gallon and Andrew Smith creates three new synonymies.

Poecilotheria vittata POCOCK, 1895 is removed from synonymy with P. striata POCOCK, 1895 and regarded as the senior synonym of Poecilotheria pederseni KIRK, 2001. So all you Pokie keepers who have "pederseni" can now make new cage labels to read P. vittata! The species pederseni is no more. My regrets to Nicolai Pedersen ;(

Also, P. uniformis is regarded as a junior synonym of P. subfusca POCOCK, 1895 and P. pococki is regarded as a junior synonym of P. smithi KIRK, 2001

Gabriel, R., Gallon, R.& A. Smith. 2013.
The revised taxonomical status of some species (of) Poecilotheria Simon, 1885 (Araneae: Theraphosidae).
Journal of the British Tarantula Society 28(3): 103-110."

The Tarantula Bibliography :: October 2013 release :: Poecilotheria revision!